Founded in 1992, PAILL Laboratorios is a clear example of business growth, PAILL Laboratorios is born with the compromise to provide its customers with quality pharmaceutical products to help restore, maintain and fortify our clients’ health.

Cabiding to the Drug Applications and Current Good Manufacturing Practice, our plant begins its operations on March 1993, producing and distributing sterile pharmaceutical products; the efficiency and quality of our processes allowed us to expand our commercial horizons and in 1997, we were able to introduce our products into the Central American region.

Our goal has always been to become a competitive and visionary business, aimed to face the challenges the market presents which has always been a priority to PAILL Laboratorios, and that is how in 2000, we begin the design and construction for our second production Plant destined to produce non-sterile pharmaceutical products; and so with equipped facilities that offer constant, high quality production providing more alternatives in prescription and providing products to our local and regional clients.

Currently, we maintain an innovative position in the National Pharmaceutical sector, supported by the labor of qualified professionals and high-end technology that provide the quality and competitiveness that the evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry demands.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Solidarity
  • Love for work