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We are the first Salvadorian Pharmaceutical Laboratory that is ISO 9001 Certified.

ISO 9001 Certification

The constant evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for new quality controls at an international level and the ongoing improvement of its processes and customer satisfaction, motivated PAILL Laboratorios to submit to the international certification system ISO 9001.This certification starts a new era for the Salvadorian pharmaceutical industry, since its goal is “Design, Production and Commercializing of pharmaceutical products”, which goes much further than quality itself. It certifies that ALL the company’s proceedings are regulated by worldwide quality standards.

The business commitment of maintaining an ongoing improvement in all our processes, led us to be certified by the updating of the ISO 9001:2008 regulation, in June 2009.

Each day, the efforts of an entire team are oriented to prolonging the continuity of the rectification cycles under an international quality rule, which credits and compromises us as a visionary company in the search of complete satisfaction from our clients.

GMP Certification

PAILL Laboratorios, as a part of its Good Quality System, ensures the compliance and implementing of the Good Manufacturing Practices.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), through the controlled and constant production of our medications, since the receiving of the prime matter until the final product.The constant training of our staff, proper facilities for the processes, programmed personal inspections and an efficient documenting system that backs each one of our operations, and that are essential in the quality process established by our company and by the Official Regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices.

GMP is a fundamental part of our Quality policy, since it seeks three main objectives:

  1. Avoid mistakes.
  2. Avoid crossed contaminations.
  3. Guarantee the traceability of the processes.

PAILL Laboratorios, with the implementing and abiding of the GMP and the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and technical group, guarantees the quality of the product, providing the patient security during the process of using the medications, destined to the prevention, strengthening and recovery of the health.