Paill Pharmaceuticals collaborates with the productive development of Caluco


On Friday, June 12th Paill Pharmaceuticals, in its work with the community and compromise to the social progress and together with the Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Economico y Social (FUSADES) and their program Fortalecimiento Y Acción Social (FORTAS) presented an economic donation and medications to the city of Caluco, located in the city of Sonsonate, a city in a state of poverty and vulnerability. Also, it’s considered one of the 5 poorest cities in our country.

Paill’s donation will help sponsor local projects like: activities for farming families, generate more jobs, and as a part of the productive development strategies for the city that will help improve the economy of the city. This donation will also help boost health and social assistance programs, as well as strengthening the education for the youth of the city.