Paill Laboratorios officially launches its new Mommex Mometasone Furoate Pump


At Paill Laboratorios we are always thinking of the health and wellness of all our customers during every stage of their lives, which is why we made the official unveiling (internal) of the Mommex pump in its new presentation “Freedom to Breathe”.

During this launch we had Paill Laboratorios representatives from all over the region, such as Honduras, Dominican Republic and Panama.

Our new Mommex pump possesses important quality features for all those who use it, like:

  • After the last time you use the product (action or use) there is no loss of volume per dose, this means that it’s not necessary to recharge the product to use it again. This translates into savings, because there is no loss of product and it has immediate use capability.
  • System 100% free of preservatives that’s to its sealing tip and microbiologic filter.
  • Total prevention of side effects caused by the use of preservatives.
  • Application in any position the patient is in.
  • Its sealing tip prevent the entry of aerial contaminants.
  • Its microbiologic filter (pore size is 0.2 microns) prevents the entry of tiny aerial bacteria through the filter, keeping the solution sterile before, during and after use.
  • No metal contact with the solution.
  • System of complete sealing.
  • Exact dosage until the last use.