Movie Sunday with SUDAGRIP CUP.


On May 30th a conference was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in the Tecapa room, to introduce the news from the big event held last June 3rd.

In the conference we had the participation and statements from two great pilots, Ing. Héctor Escobar and Kristina Escobar, an enthusiastic and charismatic 16 year old girl with a great understanding of the responsibility required to drive this great kind of vehicles, and at the same time invited all those girls interested in this kind of sport to join in and help prove that youth, responsibility and beauty go hand in hand.

The event was held at the Autodromo El Jabalí with a massive participation from drives competing in this great event, amongst these there where drivers from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who topped speeds of over 200km/h, and this was all possible thanks to SUDAGRIP and Autodromo El Jabalí.

Press Conference "Cup Sudagrip"