abr 26, 2016

What can I do about this dry cough?

Cough is one the main defense mechanisms the respiratory airways use to face strange particles.

¿Have a dry cough that doesn’t produce mucus?
¿Feel a constant itch in your respiratory airways that make you cough?
¿Cough not letting you sleep?

An irritating itch in your throat that causes you to cough, but without expelling mucus:

This is the defining symptom of dry cough. The ongoing need to cough as well as a persistent cough can leave you exhausted, cause pain in your sides and further irritate your airways.

Signs and symptoms of dry cough:

  • Ongoing itching in the respiratory airways.
  • Cough without expectoration of mucus.
  • Clear chest, no whistling or congestion.
  • Cough sounds dry.
  • An irritating cough that prevents you from sleeping peacefully at night.

Dry cough in children.

Children can get quickly exhausted due to a dry and irritating cough. The little ones in the house can get sick pretty frequently and sleeping is a big help to get well soon.

Dry cough treatment and causes.

Cough is very sudden and it’s often produced by a defensive reflex of the respiratory system which helps clear the airways of any excess secretion, strange particles and microbes. Dry cough is very common on all ages. When the cough doesn’t have any phlegm or mucus it’s known as dry cough. A number of factors can contribute to a dry cough and the treatment prescribed for it usually alleviates the symptoms quickly.

Cough reflex has three stages

1. Inhaling
2. A forced breathing with a closed glottis.
3. A violent air flow to the lungs after the opening of the glottis, usually accompanied by a distinctive sound.

Respiratory diseases are the most common cause for frequent or severe dry cough. The hosting of viruses and bacteria in the sputum or cough helps spread the disease to new hosts.

Cough is classified as acute (of sudden action) or sub-acute (present from three to eight weeks) and chronic dry cough (last over eight weeks). A cough can be dry or productive, depending on the production of sputum.

Symptoms of dry cough.

A dry cough that causes symptoms such as upset, chest congestion, throat pain, body pains. The main symptoms of dry cough are, general body discomfort, throat pain, fever, headache, common cold, sleep problems, breathing issues, and other discomforts related to having a dry throat.

Causes of dry cough are:

  • Infection of the respiratory tract.
  • Some allergic substances such as pet dandruff, smoke, pollen, dust and some chemical products.
  • Sudden entry of cold air into the respiratory tract.
  • Pharyngitis or throat infection can cause dry cough.
  • A fever or common cold and viral infections.
  • Patients that work in industries like cement or construction are exposed to dry cough.
  • Heart conditions.
  • Lung cancer.
  • Asthma
  • Viral infections or flu.
  • Sinus infection.

Re recommend you pay caution to each one of the causes so you can avoid them, remember, your health comes first.