feb 20, 2014

My child’s food.

For their whole life, food plays a special part in the development of a child, but even more on the times the growth accelerates.

During the first year, lactation, the introduction of new foods and the transition to other foods must be controlled to prevent nutrition problems.

The first 4 to 6 months of life are characterized by being a fast growth period, especially for the brain, and since breast milk contain amino acids and fatty acids, it’s ideal to fulfill these needs.

The inclusion of complimentary solid foods is a gradual process, and it must start around the first 6 months. The right time depends on the baby and the mother, and it reflects the facts that even though breast milk is enough for the first months, when the child grows it no longer provides the necessary nutrients. It also helps the child develop capacity to chew and speak. The quality, quantity and variety of solid foods keeps growing at a pace that usually depends on the toddler.

Cereals are generally the first foods incorporated into a toddler’s diet, and after that mashed fruits and vegetables and meat follow. If you breastfeed the baby the first 4 to 6 months, there is less probability of the baby developing allergies.