feb 20, 2014

Mental Fatigue

Are you one of the people who suffer mental fatigue and have wondered, what is fatigue?

Fatigue, both mental – meaning it’s originated due to mental or nerve work – as well as body – originated by physical of muscular work is a peculiar individual state, and is characterized by objective phenomena.

The first constitute the sense of fatigue, tiredness or exhaustion that combined with several discomforts leads to subjective fatigue; the second consist of a decrease in performance (in quantity, quality or both).

When someone says they’re fatigued, it’s generally because they feel the effort they do to achieve something gets progressively harder, and is accompanied by discomforts such as a sense of tension, oppression, emptiness in several parts of the body. At the same time, the decrease of strength in the hands, weak vision, lack of attention or focus, low moods, etc.

Factors that affect general fatigue:

  • Excessive amount of work hours.
  • Lack of proper breaks during work.
  • Excessive amount of work speed.
  • Unpleasant working processes.
  • Inadequate texts (content of form of text)
  • Wrong posture of the body during work.
  • Excess noise.
  • Lack of rest or night sleep.
  • Delays of trouble with transportation.
  • Bad living conditions.
  • Family conflicts.
  • Other concerns (economic, sexual, etc.)
  • Deficient nutrition.
  • Lack of interests.
  • Diseases.

Make sure you enjoy every moment of your life free of fatigue in every important aspect of your life.

¿What to do to prevent fatigue?

Prevention begins from the design of our work conditions and the definition of the work places. From an organizational point you must center the work conditions and reformulate the working spaces.

You can intervene in aspects like eliminating noises, the use of proper furniture and their correct placing, improvement of work items, eliminating long working hours, more flexible working hours, the possibility to take breaks, and have an adequate place to take them, etc. The final goal should be the adaptation of the working conditions to the features of the people performing the tasks.

Individual Strategies.

We can use some tricks to face or prevent fatigue, if we can’t rest we can lower the work load, checking the work with more detail, using memory cards to help our memory… Other point to consider are nutrition, sleep, performing so sort of moderate exercise…

To reactivate the mind in case of exhaustion, it’s recommended:

  • Doing breathing exercises.
  • Taking a 10 to 15 minute break.
  • Listening to music.
  • Stretching in one place.
  • Doing 15 minutes of cardio (if you have access to a gym or a park near your workplace).
  • Eat fruits and drink natural juices.


  • Drinking coffee or energy drinks to activate yourself.
  • Smoking of drinking alcohol as a method of relaxation.
  • Abusing headache medications.

(Visit your doctor).