feb 02, 2016

Lack of Child Development

Child growth is one of the indicators used to determine the state of health of a minor. Malnutrition in children is common due to parents not always knowing the right foods to give them during each of their development stages.

Their feeding must be sufficient, varied and balanced with the goal to determine the child’s energetic and nutritional needs, for example:

  • They must have at least four meals a day.
  • In case meal times are too far apart you may add a snack, such as fruits in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
  • Keeping a set feeding schedule, since “snacking” at any time or skipping meals may lead to intestinal and nutritional problems. Also, leaving several hours between meals increases appetite and raises the amount of ingested foods, which can contribute to weight gain.

It’s also recommended to consume one or two portions of seasonal vegetables a day. A child’s diet has to be rich in fiber to promote a good intestinal flow. It’s of vital importance to have fruits and vegetables in every meal. As for fruits, you must have at least two servings a day for their fiber and vitamin content. Milk is also very important, it can be liquid or powder, but it must not be consumed in large quantities to avoid weight gain and cardiovascular diseases as an adult, due to saturated fats. Also, you must restrain from eating artificially sugared drinks and carbonated sodas, instead opt for natural fruit juices.

For poor nutrition problems, growth stunting and children’s growth in children, Argesyl Forte contains Arginine Aspartate, an amino acid that stimulates the growth hormone on children, stimulating muscle development and at the same time eliminating fat in a natural way. Taking it with liquids (water, juice) 3 times a day, promotes faster growth, if the person has not developed properly doe to a lack of a good diet and exercise.

This content is for informational purposes, and does not substitute a medical consult.