feb 05, 2016

Lack of Appetite.

Insufficient nutrition also produces at first weight loss, and then turns into an actual disorder: anorexia. Some signs to look for and be able to identify the disease are:

  • MUsing a lack of appetite as an excuse not to eat.
  • Using a lack of appetite as an excuse not to eat.
  • Eating as if being on a diet even if the person is thin.
  • Taking laxatives to evacuate.
  • Eating too slowly and chewing too much before swallowing.
  • Counting the calories of every food.
  • Over exercising and wearing bigger clothes to hide their body.

Anorexia can be nervous, and it is an eating disorder that is characterized by a significant loss of body weight produced by the voluntary decision to stop eating. When a person suffers from anorexia, within months they will show not only in their extreme thinness, but also in aspects like their skin, hair and character. Some symptoms that present when the disease is advanced can be changes in personality, brittle nails due to lack of vitamins, depression, dry and dull hair, social alienation and introversion, sleep problems, lack of menstruation in the case of women.

It is much harder to treat and eventually, eliminate anorexia when it has reached an advanced stage. This may cause an extreme deficiency of vitamins and other vital nutrients, and in some cases it can lead to death. For a lack of appetite (anorexia), weight loss, malnutrition and even the recovery after an illness, we recommend Astelyt, it contains amino acids, which help the organism during the making of proteins and tissue, the growth process and stimulate appetite, as well as energy.

This content is for informational purposes, and does not substitute a medical consult.