nov 07, 2015

Joint Pain.

Joint or articular pain can be caused by many types of injuries or afflictions and, no matter the cause they can be very uncomfortable.

This kind of pain is usually a symptoms of a rheumatoid disease (articular tissue), although it can also occur due to accidents or sports


  • It can be the result of natural wear of the joints.
  • Injuries, inflammation or infections.
  • Genetic conditions (hereditary) that can develop with age.
  • Accidents or lesions practicing sports.


  • The pain can be accompanied by the inflammation of one or more joints.
  • Sensibility to touch.
  • Being unable to move the joints normally, such as bending knees, arms or holding an object.
  • Redness and hotness in the joint area.
  • Discomfort when using the joint and alleviating the pain by resting the joint.
  • When the cause is rheumatoid arthritis it can also present fever, loss of body weight and weakness.


  • A specialist (rheumatologist, traumatologist) will provide a diagnose after assessing the symptoms the patient presents, their medical history and cardiac exam.
  • It’s likely that the doctor will also require x-rays, these will allow him to see the degree of injury or wear to the joints.
  • If the doctor suspects the condition is due to arthritis he will require a blood test.


  • Exercise can improve the health of the joints so it’s recommended to practice it regularly; we specially recommend stretching, walking, cycling, swimming and dancing.
  • It’s very important to maintain a healthy weight.