feb 20, 2014


¿Do you suffer from glaucoma, or have you heard of this disease but don’t know the causes?
We here present to you why this happens.

The causes of glaucoma include elevated ocular pressure (called intraocular pressure or IOP) due to the inability of the eye to drain liquid efficiently.

In some cases, the damage to the optic nerve in different patients can occur do to some level of pressure of the eye. Your ophthalmologist (Eye doctor) should establish the ideal pressure that the eye should have to prevent any additional damage to the optic nerve. Each patient has a different type of ideal pressure.

Often glaucoma can be caused by other affections or eye diseases. This condition is known as secondary glaucoma. For example, someone has a tumor, or has undergone steroid therapy for a long period of time, they could develop secondary glaucoma. Other causes for this are:

  • Eye lesions
  • Inflammation of the eyes
  • Formation of abnormal blood vessels due to diabetes or an obstruction of the retinal blood vessels.

Do not use drops or treatments that have not been recommended by a specialist, since each patient needs a different treatment. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma by your ophthalmologist, you doctor will talk to you about possible treatment options for it.