feb 02, 2016

Gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn, gastric problems.

Stomach ache, heartburn, bad digestion! These are problems we have all suffered from in a big or small way. However, when this symptoms become regular they cannot be ignored since they could turn into more serious problems.

Gastric problems are some of the most common afflictions, and stress, fast food during work hours, traffic jams, tobacco or alcohol can all cause heartburn, nausea and epigastric pains; these symptoms are a sign that there may be a gastric problem.

Recurrent heartburn, night regurgitation or epigastric problems cannot be controlled and must be consulted with a doctor who will assess the need to run special tests and prescribe a consult with a gastroenterologist since the most common digestive problems like Gastroesophageal reflux, which consists in the backwards leaking of the gastric content to the esophagus and in occasions, it can also be the duodenal fluid which, being alkaline, can cause more severe lesions and alter a person’s gastric health, and even in some cases, it will require medicine or surgery to treat. However, a lot of people can improve their symptoms by:

  • Avoiding alcoholic drinks and spicy, greasy or acid foods that may trigger reflux.
  • Eating smaller portions on every meal.
  • Not eating before going to sleep.
  • Losing weight when necessary.