mar 11, 2016

Fight constant exhaustion.

It’s a fact that mental fatigue affects the development of your entire routine, regardless of what you do in your professional life. Every time there is overexertion, the fatigue is more evident and this affects the work. Also, when you perform activities that demand too much pressure, there are mood swings and the performance is affected, there can even be memory loss.

Fatigue is not only mental but also physical or can be both at the same time, because sometimes the tiredness can manifest with headaches or muscular discomfort, and there’s frequent eye irritation. This is why it’s important to prevent mental fatigue, so we can carry on with our work, sport or daily activities. Other convenient means to reduce fatigue are:

  • Improving the information and documentation we handle, and the kind of support of this information.
  • Including into our work a variety of tasks and responsibilities to avoid monotony.
  • Avoid isolation by promoting communication among workers.
  • Encourage cooperation relations among your co-workers, both formal and informal.

For all this discomforts we recommend FosfoNeuromax, that is made especially for students and people who need to stay alert and focused in their work.

It’s prescribed for strengthening memory capacity and intellectual activity. Revitalizes the nervous system.

This content is of informative character, and does not substitute a doctor’s consult.