feb 20, 2014

Annoying Cramps

Muscle cramps often present when a muscle is overworked or injured. Training when you haven’t had enough fluids (are dehydrated) or when you have low mineral levels, like potassium or calcium, this can make you more prone to having a muscle spasm.

feb 20, 2014

I’m worried about my sight

Sight tiredness is more and more common, especially in people who spend long hours in front of the computer, whether it’s for work of fun.

When a person has been in front of a computer for too long, the eye muscles lose the capacity to focus and the natural reaction is to force the sight. This causes tension in the ocular muscles and eventually, headaches and other symptoms like tired sight, itchiness, irritation and redness of the eye and lids, hypersensitivity to light, tearing, double or blurred vision, dizziness, among other discomforts.